Ultimate Holiday Air Travel Tips 2023 Part 2


 Your Complete Guide to Smooth Journeys ✈️ 


💺 Check Your Itinerary

Double-check your itinerary consistently. Airlines might surprise you by changing gates multiple times daily, causing unnecessary confusion. Trust me; it happened to me in Dallas with American Airlines!

💺 Airport Security Reminder

Leave the weapons at home. They have no place in your carry-on luggage.

💺 Dress Appropriately

Please wear proper clothing. No one wants to see fellow passengers in their underwear or pajamas. Let's keep it decent!

💺 Bring Your Own Entertainment

Pack your own earplugs and headphones. Most airlines may not provide them for free.


💺 Don’t police other passengers, if there’s a problem please hit the call button no way down your flight attendant let them handle it. Because if you get into a confrontation with a fine passenger and there are threats to each other, you will both be put off the flight. After 2021 we have no tolerance for bad passenger behavior and we are backed by the FAA.

💺Beverage Choices

We're not a bar, so keep your drink orders simple. I can offer you a Coke, Sprite, OJ, or Tomato juice. Anything fancier might take more time than we can spare.

💺 Follow Alcohol Rules

Don't attempt to sneak alcohol onto the flight. If caught, you'll be asked to dispose of it. If you manage to sneak it past me, handle it responsibly. I have a keen sense of smell!

💺 Know Your Limits In-flight

Enjoy a drink, but know when to stop. In-flight is not the time to push your alcohol limits.

💺 No PDA Onboard

Keep it PG – no hanky panky in your seat or the lavatory. Let's all keep it classy.

💺 Respect the Flight Crew

Don't touch the flight attendant, and keep your hands to yourself. If you need assistance, use the call button.

💺 Behavior Matters

Avoid bothering flight attendants with unnecessary issues. If there's a problem, use the call button instead. The boarding process is an extremely busy and stressful time for Flight Attendants since we are responsible for getting everyone to follow Federal Aviation Regulations and, more importantly, the Airlines getting that flight out on time. 

There is an extreme amount of pressure for crews, gate, and ramp personnel to push the flights out for on-time departures.

💺 Dress Appropriately

Please wear proper clothing. No one wants to see fellow passengers in their underwear or pajamas. Let's keep it decent!  

💺 Bring Your Own 

Pack your own earplugs and headphones. Most airlines may not provide them for free.

💺 Avoid Strong Odors

Be considerate of your neighbors by avoiding stinky food on the plane. Your fellow passengers will appreciate it.

💺 Inappropriate Content Alert

Keep it classy in the cabin – no watching inappropriate content. NO PORN! Watch that in the privacy of your own home. Why would anyone watch video pornography on a public airplane? People are traveling with their families and children. Let's maintain a respectful environment for everyone.

💺 Moving Walkway Etiquette

Lastly, a friendly reminder on moving walkways – stand on the left, walk on the right. Let's keep the flow going smoothly for everyone.

LAVATORY  Etiquette

💺 Footwear Etiquette in the Lavatory

Remember, it's a good practice to wear shoes in the lavatory. The lavatory floor on an aircraft can be quite unsanitary. I've never seen how often they clean it, but it's a good idea to play it safe. I once had an issue with the water not coming through the sink, and despite informing the staff, nothing changed. Frustrating, right?

💺 Baby Changing Facilities in the ERJ Lavatory

For parents traveling with infants, be aware that there's a baby changing table in the ERJ lavatory (At least at my company ERJ 145s, anyway) It can be a game-changer during your flight.

💺 Water for Baby Bottles

Avoid using water from the lavatory sink faucet for baby bottles. I am told by my company to warn this to moms/dads. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

💺 Inappropriate Content Alert

Keep it classy in the cabin – no watching inappropriate content. Let's maintain a respectful environment for everyone.

💺 Know Your rights!

The Passenger Bill of Rights in the United States is a set of regulations designed to protect air travelers and ensure a minimum standard of treatment in various situations. Enacted by the Department of Transportation, these rights include provisions for compensation and assistance in cases of flight delays, cancellations, or overbooking. Passengers are entitled to clear information about flight status, the right to deplane during extended delays, and compensation for lost or damaged baggage. The rules also mandate fair treatment for passengers with disabilities and address issues such as tarmac delays. The Passenger Bill of Rights aims to enhance transparency, customer service, and overall passenger experience in the aviation industry.

If you believe your rights as a passenger have been violated, there are several steps you can take to address the issue. First, document the incident by taking note of the details, including the date, time, and any relevant information such as flight numbers and the names of airline staff involved. If possible, gather witness statements or contact information from fellow passengers. Next, bring the issue to the attention of the airline staff immediately, as they may be able to resolve the matter on the spot. If the problem persists, consider filing a formal complaint with the airline, providing a clear and concise description of the incident. In the United States, you can also submit a complaint to the Department of Transportation (DOT), which oversees airline regulations. Additionally, seeking legal advice or contacting consumer protection organizations may be viable options if your concerns are not adequately addressed. It's crucial to know your rights, be assertive, and take steps to ensure fair treatment in situations where you feel your rights have been violated.



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