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Holiday Air Travel Tips for 2023

Insider Tip for Jet-Setting from a Reginal Flight Attendant As you prepare to soar through the skies in a needle jet or another commercial aviation aircraft, it's essential to equip yourself with some insightful tips. Here's a detailed guide to make your journey not just seamless but truly enjoyable. TRAVELING ON REGIONAL FLIGHTS  1.  Valet your carry-on with a smile    - On small regionals, the overhead bins won't accommodate your standard roller board. Prepare to valet check it at the jetbridg e.    - A friendly reminder: Be courteous to the ground personnel guiding you; they're your travel allies. 2. Battery Charger Alert - Safety First    - If your roller board features a detachable battery charger, remove it before boarding.    - Ground crews are trained to spot these chargers. In-flight fires are a real concern, and your cooperation avoids potential hazards. 3. Mind the Low Ceilings     - Tall travelers, beware! The overhead clearance is significantly lower than w

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