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Ultimate Holiday Air Travel Tips 2023 Part 2

   Your Complete Guide to Smooth Journeys  ✈️  BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR THE AIRPORT 💺 Check Your Itinerary Double-check your itinerary consistently. Airlines might surprise you by changing gates multiple times daily, causing unnecessary confusion. Trust me; it happened to me in Dallas with American Airlines! 💺 Airport Security Reminder Leave the weapons at home. They have no place in your carry-on luggage. 💺 Dress Appropriately Please wear proper clothing. No one wants to see fellow passengers in their underwear or pajamas. Let's keep it decent! 💺 Bring Your Own Entertainment Pack your own earplugs and headphones. Most airlines may not provide them for free. IN THE CABIN 💺 Don’t police other passengers , if there’s a problem please hit the call button no way down your flight attendant let them handle it. Because if you get into a confrontation with a fine passenger and there are threats to each other, you will both be put off the flight. After 2021 we have no tolerance for bad pas

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