Diary of a Former Regional Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is an exciting and challenging job that involves ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers while traveling. In this blog post, we will delve into the experiences of Luna, a former flight attendant who worked for Peanut Airlines, a regional airline. Luna shares stories from her time in the industry, from her training days to some unforgettable moments during flights. Let's join Luna on her journey as she takes us through her life as a flight attendant.

Luna's Background and Training:

Luna, originally from Singapore(Asia), migrated to the United States in 1994 and started her career with a major airline in 1999. After completing the intensive training program, Luna became a flight attendant, serving on various aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus models. She recalls her training on different types of planes, such as the Boeing 737 and 747, as well as the MD80 and DC9. Luna's initial international trip was to Toronto, which marked the beginning of her diverse experiences as a flight attendant.

During her tenure as a flight attendant, Luna encountered several challenging situations, including close calls and severe turbulence. One memorable incident occurred during a flight to Philadelphia, where the plane experienced severe turbulence during the landing approach. Luna vividly describes the fear and tension onboard as the plane shook violently, with passengers and crew members wondering if they were going to crash. The pilot skillfully managed the situation, and although the landing was nerve-wracking, the aircraft touched down safely. Despite the intense moments, Luna displayed composure and professionalism throughout the ordeal.

The Cultural Experience:

Luna's journey as a flight attendant also allowed her to encounter various cultures and communities. She shares her experience of living near a Native American reservation in Upstate New York, where she gained insight into the indigenous culture of the Seneca Tribe. While living on the reservation, Luna encountered interesting individuals like Catman, whose nickname sparked curiosity. As Luna humorously clarifies, Catman wasn't a hybrid of a feline and a human, but rather a nickname given to a person she befriended. Furthermore, Luna's former husband, an anthropologist, added another layer to her cultural immersion. Though not Native American himself, he was born on the reservation, allowing Luna to witness diverse perspectives and traditions.

Luna expresses her fascination with Native American culture and how she learned to appreciate their way of life during her time on the reservation. She even attended a powwow, which left a lasting impression on her. While being a flight attendant can be demanding, Luna also recalls some lighthearted and humorous incidents during her flights. She mentions that flight attendants would train using plastic trays, which sometimes led to comical situations. Luna's sense of humor shines through as she shares these amusing anecdotes, providing a glimpse into the lighter side of life as a flight attendant.

Luna's experiences as a former regional flight attendant highlight the diverse and often unpredictable nature of the job. From intense moments of turbulence and close calls to cultural encounters and funny incidents, Luna's stories offer a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of being a flight attendant.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely those of Regina, the flight attendant, based on her experiences and knowledge. Different airlines and individuals may have different perspectives.


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