My name is Regina and I started my career with this regional airline in my early twenties and have stuck with them for two decades. Believe me when I say this it has its ups and downs and more ups and downs. In this podcast, I will give you commentary on what's going down in modern commercial aviation, some crew secrets, pilots, flight attendants, tips for the average American passenger (flying customer), and all the other craziness in between that goes with this industry from a regional flight attendant point of view.

I welcome you all to the first-ever My Needle Jet podcast. We will be talking about most things aviation, more from a regional Flight Attendant perspective. Subjects may include passenger behavior, the FAA, how major airlines work, and so much more. There will be tips and dos and don’ts. I will also be sharing my 20+ years of experience as a flight attendant and what I’ve seen in the aviation industry, passengers, Crewmembers, Mergers, airplanes, and plenty more

Description: In this episode, my niece has been thinking of becoming a flight attendant. Join us as we dive into the world of aviation and explore the ins and outs of the flight attendant profession. As a seasoned flight attendant, I will share my personal experiences and insights about the job. We talk about the training required, the challenges of the profession, and the rewards that come with it. We also take a look at the various airlines and their unique hiring processes, as well as the qualities and skills that are essential to excel in this career. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or someone who's always been curious about the job, this episode is sure to provide valuable information and inspire you to reach for the skies. So if you're someone who dreams of traveling the world, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures, tune in to this episode.

In this podcast episode, we have a special guest named Luna (a pseudonym for privacy purposes) who was a former co-worker of mine at the regional airline we'll refer to as Peanut Airlines. Luna and I have a great friendship, and I had the privilege of being her training instructor when she joined the airline as a new hire. During our conversation, Luna shares a bit about herself and her background. She originally hails from Asia, specifically Singapore, and migrated to the United States in 1994. She embarked on her aviation career in 1999, working for a major airline that no longer exists. Join us as Luna unfolds her journey and experiences in the airline industry, offering unique insights and perspectives along the way. It's a casual and friendly conversation that provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of aviation through the eyes of someone who has been a part of it for many years. So sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know Luna, her stories, and the exciting adventures she has had throughout her career in the airline industry. Stay tuned for an engaging and heartfelt episode that will surely captivate aviation enthusiasts and curious listeners alike.

CLICK HERE to listen to all 24 episodes, soon to be 26

Listen to all 24 episodes, soon to be 26 


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