Ultimate Holiday Air Travel Tips 2023

Insider Tip for Jet-Setting from a Reginal Flight Attendant

As you prepare to soar through the skies in a needle jet or another commercial aviation aircraft, it's essential to equip yourself with some insightful tips. Here's a detailed guide to make your journey not just seamless but truly enjoyable.


1. Valet your carry-on with a smile

   - On small regionals, the overhead bins won't accommodate your standard roller board. Prepare to valet check it at the jetbridge.

   - A friendly reminder: Be courteous to the ground personnel guiding you; they're your travel allies.

2. Battery Charger Alert - Safety First

   - If your roller board features a detachable battery charger, remove it before boarding.

   - Ground crews are trained to spot these chargers. In-flight fires are a real concern, and your cooperation avoids potential hazards.

3. Mind the Low Ceilings

   - Tall travelers, beware! The overhead clearance is significantly lower than what you'd find on larger aircraft like a 737-300 or Airbus 321.

   - Especially note this on Embraer 145 and other compact regional jets.

4. Flight Deck Courtesy

   - Passing by the flight deck during boarding? A brief hello is fine, maybe even a weather-related query. However, save crash landing jokes for another time.

   - Flight crews appreciate friendliness and respect, so spread the good vibes.

5. Cramped Quarters - Safety Reminder - While stowing your bags, particularly in aisle seats, ensure all straps and loose items are tucked away.

   - This safety measure prevents hazards for flight attendants and fellow passengers moving through the aisle.

6. Ensure Your Personal Electronics Are Fully Charged

  -Why? There are no electronic outlets available for charging devices on the needle jet.        While some regional aircraft, like the Embraer 175, may have them, the EMB 145 does not.

7. Download Your Entertainment on Your Devices at Home or Before You Board

-Why? Because there is NO WIFI on my needle jet. However, some regional aircraft, such as the Embraer 175 or the Canadair 190s depending on the airline, may have Wi-Fi. Yet, it's not guaranteed on certain regional airlines. Better to be safe than sorry.



✈️ TAKE A FREAKIN SHOWER & BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Flight attendants and fellow passengers alike appreciate the gesture. GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE is EXPECTED AND DEMANDED when traveling in a "metal tube full of a bunch of Demons." (to quote a so-called American Televaglist)

✈️ Tuck Those Straps In - A Safety Essential 

Flight attendants and fellow passengers alike appreciate the gesture. Safety is paramount.

✈️ No Cabin Spritzing - Respect the Shared Space 

While that fragrance is delightful to you, remember the cabin isn't your private haven. Keep it scent-free.

✈️ Lavatory Etiquette - Swift and Respectful 

The airplane bathroom is not your personal vanity. Do your business efficiently, so others can use the facilities promptly.

✈️ Silence Is Golden - Headphones On! 

Use your headphones or mute your device. Let's maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the skies.

✈️ BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket)Airline blankets can be dubious. Bring your own from home or a retail store; you control its cleanliness.

 ✈️ Coffee Conundrum - Taste and Hygiene 

For great-tasting coffee, buy it in the terminal. Hot water jugs can have surprises, and cleanliness is key.

✈️ Special Diets - Plan Ahead 

If you have specific dietary needs, bring your own food. Not all airlines cater to unique requests, and it's better to be prepared.

✈️ Beverage Etiquette - If you want the whole can ask for it, politely 

If you desire the whole can feel free to ask. But remember, wasting is discouraged—be considerate of limited resources.

✈️ No Sneaky Sips - Follow the Rules 

Do not attempt to bring your own alcohol. Flight attendants control in-flight alcohol, and rules are in place for everyone's safety.

✈️ Food Savings - Bring Your Own 

Save money and enjoy your preferred snacks. Remember, liquids must be purchased post-security.

✈️ Know Your Rights - Passenger Empowerment 

Delays can happen. Familiarize yourself with the Passenger Bill of Rights and report any issues for a swift resolution. Make sure you GOOGLE the Department of Transportation(DOT) to file a report against an airline. Make sure you know your rights.

I wish you and your family a smooth, safe, and delightful travels this holiday season! May your adventures in the sky be as memorable as your destination. Be Kind. ✈️🌍


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