BAD behavior will NOT FLY!

           KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF, Sir, Ma'am

2021 was a great year for Flight Attendants, NOT!  
This recent past pandemic gave Americans an excuse to show their asses to US flight crews & the world!

  • "The FAA has seen a disturbing increase in incidents where airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior. On January 13, 2021, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson signed an order directing a stricter legal enforcement policy against unruly airline passengers due to recent, troubling incidents."

The Texas marketing executive who gained notoriety for her viral outburst on a plane continued her disruptive behavior at the terminal. Tiffany Gomas, 38, was captured on police bodycam footage exhibiting emotional distress as she refused to leave the boarding area after being removed from the American Airlines flight scheduled to fly from Dallas to Orlando on July 2.

Despite being escorted off the jet bridge, Gomas remained fixated on the plane and firmly believed it wouldn't complete its journey. Tearfully, she expressed her concern to Dallas Airport Department of Public Safety officers, stating, "I don't care if I never fly with y'all ever again. I just want to know what happens to this flight here."

As officers attempted to guide her away from the terminal, her emotions intensified, and she implored them not to let the flight depart, insisting, "That flight is not going to make it to Orlando. It's not going to."

While being escorted, Gomas acknowledged the many passengers on the flight and persisted, telling the officer, "Y'all need to escort me out...really, until you see this flight f–ing blow up."

Despite her tearful insistence, the exact reasons for Gomas' certainty that the flight wouldn't reach its destination remain unknown.

Dangerous Behavior doesn't FLY according to FAA
  • Disrupting the responsibilities of a crew member is against federal law.

  • Under the FAA's Reauthorization Bill, fines of up to $37,000 per violation can be proposed for cases involving unruly passengers. This is an increase from the previous maximum civil penalty of $25,000 per violation, and a single incident may lead to multiple violations.

  • Passengers involved in disruptive behavior may face significant consequences, including fines imposed by the FAA or potential prosecution on criminal charges.READ MORE ABOUT IT @ the source: >>

  • The FAA holds the power to issue fines as a civil authority but lacks criminal prosecutorial authority.

Taming the Skies: The FAA's Firm Stand Against Unruly Airline Passengers

In the serene world of air travel, where passengers once marveled at the sheer wonder of flight, a disconcerting trend has emerged in recent years. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has found itself grappling with an unsettling surge in incidents involving disruptive and even violent behavior by airline passengers. This worrisome phenomenon prompted FAA Administrator Steve Dickson to take a bold step on January 13, 2021, signing an order that marked a turning point in the agency's approach towards these troubling events.

In an era where aviation has seamlessly connected the world and made distances seem trivial, the tranquility of flight has been shaken by incidents that threaten the safety of passengers and crew and the very essence of air travel. Stories of passengers engaging in altercations, refusing to comply with safety protocols, and even assaulting fellow travelers have become distressingly common. This rash of incidents propelled the FAA to take decisive action, ushering in a stricter legal enforcement policy aimed at quelling the rise of unruly airline passengers.

The FAA's new policy emphasizes a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behavior on flights. Under this policy, individuals who engage in threatening or violent actions can now face swift and severe consequences. Penalties include substantial fines, criminal charges, and even potential imprisonment. These stringent measures serve as a powerful deterrent, reminding passengers that the privilege of air travel comes with a responsibility to uphold the safety and harmony of the cabin environment.

Did you know the FAA has memes?

While the vast majority of passengers respect the rules and etiquette of air travel, the actions of a few have led to an unwelcome atmosphere of tension and apprehension on board. The FAA's crackdown on unruly behavior is not just a reaction to isolated incidents, but rather a proactive stance to preserve the integrity of air travel. By imposing stronger penalties, the FAA hopes to curb the rise of disruptive behavior and restore a sense of normalcy to the skies.

One of the underlying causes of this trend may be attributed to the stresses and strains of modern life. Long security lines, flight delays, and heightened security measures can create an environment of frustration that, in some cases, spills over into unacceptable behavior. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges, with passengers navigating through a maze of health protocols and safety measures. However, while these factors may contribute to heightened emotions, they do not excuse behavior that jeopardizes the safety of everyone on board.

In light of these challenges, the FAA's firm stance sends a clear message that ensuring safety and order on flights is non-negotiable. Education and awareness campaigns also play a crucial role in fostering a culture of respect and cooperation among passengers. Travelers must be reminded of their responsibility to fellow passengers and the flight crew, whose primary duty is to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

The FAA's response to the disturbing increase in incidents involving unruly airline passengers is a commendable step toward maintaining the sanctity of air travel. By implementing a stricter legal enforcement policy, Administrator Steve Dickson and the FAA have taken a resolute stand against disruptive behavior that undermines the very essence of flight. It is hoped that this proactive approach will not only deter potential troublemakers but also reaffirm the notion that the skies should remain a space of wonder, respect, and shared experiences for all who embark on the remarkable journey of flight.


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