Rude and Ungrateful Passengers

Looky here, there are things that as a Flight Attendant I am not responsible for but as a passenger you are completely responsible. These are your personal belongings. Why? You’re an adult! KEEP these things include keeping your travel documents and other important travel possessions with you at all times such as: 

electronic device story

Same goes for your electronic devices, again you are personally responsible for your things that you bring on board. We have flight attendants make announcements to remind you to check between the seat back pocket anything that you may have place there, meanwhile only 50% of the passengers on board who listen to the announcement. We don’t say these announcements for our own breath, these are reminders for you to grab your things, double check the monitors inside because your gate information could have changed, or just maybe you’re connecting gate may require you to take some type of shuttle bus, or tram to get to the other side of the airport. You really should listen

Example of this ungrateful young woman was out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I believe when we had to play he aircraft and this one female passenger remember that she left her laptop on board the aircraft and tried to come back on board. FYI once you leave the aircraft you are not allowed to come back on board, this is a security issue that is regulated by the FAA so if you leave something you just need to tell one of us and we will go check your seat and find it for you. Again, once you leave that aircraft you cannot get back on. This particular day this young lady left her laptop on board, Gave me an attitude when I told her she couldn’t get back on board but I would go and get her laptop for her and ask her to wait. Find her laptop handed over to her, and she gives an attitude. Not a “thank you,”or “oops you save my day.” 

So, when you hear a Flight Attendant say that they hate people, well sometimes we do. 
Some people just suck!! Try not to! 

Passport/Visa story

These things are very important so you should make sure you keep this with you at all times. Tuck these things away deep in your wallet, satchel or purse. Should you leave these things on the aircraft and the flight attendant is kind enough to catch you to return them to you, an attitude is not needed. Gratitude is best!

I recall a flight I had from Philadelphia to Toronto, Ontario Canada and a passenger who had just boarded the flight realize he had lost his passport. I will always ask you questions like do you have it did you check your pockets, did you check the seat that park in front of you some people are very forgetful but their iPads and phones and as soon as they sit down and forget that they even put those things in there.  Meanwhile, the CHICKEN HEAD passenger to the right was saying maybe I should "maybe you can make an announcement to the cabin to see if anyone has found it." Mind you that is a good idea, however I do know how to do my job, and that option I do last after I perform other recovery tactics.  I asked her to be quiet, and let me handle the situation. She shut up! After dealing with Miss NOSEY, I asked that male passenger if he had checked between the armrest & the sidewall. He said yes and it wasn’t there, so I asked him to stand up and let me check around the seat. Why don’t you know it, his Canadian passport was between the ARMREST & THE SEAT.  

So, I handed it to him he kind of snatched it from my hand and had an attitude. Wait….   what? Excuse me Canadian jackass, not a thank you or are you save my ass? These freaking people are unbelievable!



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