I wish I could slap some of you . . .

. . . like we're in a Thai Series!

Sometimes, I wish I could slap the s*** out of the few of you. I mean the kind of slaps you see in a Korean dramas, NO better yet in the Thai Series. The Thai actors are fantastic slappers.  For me 2022 is the year of the Thai drama. I’ve been watching them so far since April and have been completely addicted. What does that have to do with aviation you may ask? NOTHING! Well, I’ve just been tapped out from the pandemic (as well as probably ALL OF US have) and all its craziness in the world within the US aviation industry. 2021 was a difficult and terrifying year for Flight Attendants in the United States. There was a lot of mask non-compliance, and airport restaurants/bars pushing alcohol sells to the detriment of our flight and safety.

So you can say that watching these Thai dramas(”The Series” is what they call them) have helped relieve a lot of my stress through fantasy, and diving into another culture completely different from mine (but not too different, Thailand is a first world country).  To be completely honest my favorite thing is the Soap Opera type of dramas. Where I can just dive deep and escape from the reality that is this crazy world.  The Thai Series slaps to the face are the bees knees.  Since I can’t actually slap the crap out of a passenger who probably deserves it, I live through these Thai dramas. Don’t get me wrong the slaps are really good in the Korean dramas too and I thought that they gave the best face when he came to smacking it up but the Thai’s do a better job in my opinion. 

Now, there are several reasons and behaviors from the few passengers that I encounter that make me want to slap them across the face. I would probably say most flight crews would agree with me as well. These behaviors include:

  1. Stealing other passenger seats that they were not assigned You can’t just take whatever seat you want. There are some seats that are blocked off to certain customers because they may have a disability and cannot sit in emergency exit row, children are not allowed to sit in that exit row unless at least 15 or above in age. On the needle jet/ERJ-145 passengers that have an infant lap child cannot sit on the A-side(*single seat by itself) of the aircraft because only one oxygen mask will come down in the event of a decompression. If you have two beings in the seat they where both would need an oxygen mask in case there’s a decompression/depressurization in the cabin. FYI, there are passengers that pay extra money to pick their seat anywhere from roughly $15-$75  depending on the airline per seat. How dare another customer take from another person what they paid for.
  2. Polishing your nails in an airline cabin full of passengers
  3. Cutting your toenails in an airline cabin full of passengers
  4. Passengers sneaking alcohol onto the aircraft 
  5. Getting drunk INFLIGHT or boarding the airplane already three sheets to the wind
  6. Playing your music, podcast, movie/show, or video game over the device speaker instead of using your headphones. I want to KILL!
  7. Disrupting or involving yourself in a crew enforcement of FAR's with the Flight Attendant who is trying to handle a situation that has nothing to do with you. (FAR: Federal Aviation Regulation)

Mind your business! Watch your Netflix movie on your ipad/kindle.

Did you know that you could be fined or jailed for interfering with flight crew duties? You didn’t? Well now you do and let me help you with the specifics.


Source: FAA.gov

Dangerous Behavior doesn't FLY according to the FAA
    •    Interfering with the duties of a crew member violates federal law.
    •    The FAA has civil authority, allowing it to impose fines. It does not have criminal prosecutorial authority.
    •    As part of the FAA's Reauthorization Bill, FAA can propose up to $37,000 per violation for unruly passenger cases. Previously, the maximum civil penalty per violation was $25,000. One incident can result in multiple violations.
    •    The repercussions for passengers who engage in unruly behavior can be substantial. They can be fined by the FAA or prosecuted on criminal charges.

Source: FAA.gov

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