When my Captain irritates ME!

Wow, there have been a few times in my Flight Attendant career that I wanted to slap the shit out of my captain or first officer like in a K-drama(slaps are even better in Thai dramas).

I recently flew with Captain 'Obnoxious" a handful of times this summer and I am quite sick of him. He is extremely obnoxious and a whore for attention which I do not want to give him at all. It seems like the more I ignore him the more he comes for me(not in a sexual harassment sense, more of the attention whore seeking). I just don’t understand why professionalism doesn’t prevail sometimes. Don’t get me wrong he does his job as far as the pilot is concerned and makes the proper announcements(obnoxiously) and give passages information that they need. However, we do not need the exaggerated high energy. It's too damn MUCH! His announcements are so annoying and loud that when he comes on the PA I have to cover my ears. He’s a bit of a ham. This man is someone’s husband and has children? Wow, kudos to her. That woman must have a lot of patience.

photo by Wenhao Ryan instagram: asskickerrr

He’s also a kiss ass company man and that can be extremely annoying.  It is to the point that he may take some safety risk in order to please the company and that type of behavior is not cool at all. Safety is always first, and should always prevail.

Now, I don’t mean to go off on this rant but just like any one else in any industry or profession we’re not gonna all get along with all people all of the time. Of course NOT, we are human. 

H. U. M. A. N 

Professionalism prevails, I hope. I just want you to take from this block of my experience in this industry that we come across different personalities which may clash and not be suitable for some/all. Shit happens!

Had a very short trip with him basically a day and a half and I’m like well he’s really obnoxious not excited about playing with him, however it is a two day trip. I should be fine and of course the last leg of the night he made some douch-bag comments which pissed me off.  So that’s that me in a mood, and I did have an attitude the next day. Again, I pushed through and professionalism prevails.  

What I find funny is that the end of the trip he made a statement that flying with me was always a pleasure and hopefully we get the flag ever again, SAY WHAT!? In my bold and ignorant ass replied "I hope not!"  Then I did a catwalk and shook my ass down the aisle to check the overhead bins for left  items.  he had a look on his face of disbelief and annoyance, and I do not care. If I don’t like someone strong enough, I will not bite my tongue and I want them to know it. I’m not gonna curse at you, or threaten you or anything like that but I cannot be fake and I will not be fake

He reminds me of Captain Oreo cookie.  He has the high energy and obnoxiousness of Captain Cookie,  without the perversion. Captain Oreo shall we say was a sex addict or hyper-sexual. Very inappropriate, very open about his sexuality and when he wanted to reveal to other co-workers. I assure you that I never cared and never asked but that Captain loved to talk about his sex club in the commonwealth. Yes, he was that type of freak. The sex club itself had a website describing its rules, bylaws, and get this an adult toy exchange program.  GROSSSS!! I thought he was completely full of crap, however I decided to look at the website to see if he was talking crap.  Low and behold the damn sex club is a real thing. That’s his business why he felt he needed to reveal that to us at 5 AM for our base report time I have no idea.

I compare Captain Cookie to Captain Mass-hole because Capt. Mass-hole is very opinionated, Mr. know it all, likes to hear himself talk, and he’s obnoxious all around. We hate these type of guys! And if you’re wondering if you have that type of pilot on your flight, just listen to the announcements the obnoxiousness comes through on the PA.


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