A few passengers worry me

I had this lady on board my flight coming from what I remember to be,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin heading to Philadelphia. I only had maybe 5 to 7 people on that night flight, I did my walkthroughs and did my brief beverage service when stopped to speak with this one particular lady who was very chatty but nice.  She was probably the sweetest person I've ever met.

As a Flight Attendant some people perceive us as nurturing and caring but most of the time I'm a stranger to you.  A lot of people have no qualms about opening up to me about their personal life.  Why? Simply because as I said before I'm a stranger and they assume that I won't judge them, or ever see them again. Trust me, I might actually be judging you but I try not to look like I am. Anyways, she was telling me about this trip she was going on to Kenya with a Facebook group she was involved in where she had never met any of these people in person. Immediately all my alarm Bells went off. Now what you don't know about me is that I'm a big fan of scams I don't mean that I'm happy to hear about people getting scammed but as far as documentaries about scamming and I love to catch idiots in a good scam. These dummies love to come for me on Instagram and I love to set them up and report them to Instagram.

Now I thought this woman was involved with the love scam maybe but not quite according to her details. Now I'm a huge fan like I said of scams but love scams are the ones I'm really into. I basically told her that she should check in with the US Embassy when she gets there and that I have a personal rule for international travel where I always tell at least three people in the US where I'm going. I emailed them my travel itinerary and my passport information should something happen to me or I don't return when I'm supposed to. I asked her if she told anybody that she was going to Canyon. I believe she told me she didn't so I told her when she got to Philly that she needed to let three people know where she was going and email them her itinerary and hotel/ Lodge in accommodations. I still think about that lady every now and again I hope that she got back to the United States okay and that it wasn't a scam.

Love scams are real and they have been morning huge increase since the pandemic began. The love scammers have taken advantage of the forced government isolation that resulted in a lot of people who have become lonely and in the need of connection with another human being. Please take the following precautions provided by the FTC below.

How To Avoid Losing Money to a Romance Scammer

Here’s the bottom line: Never send money or gifts to a sweetheart you haven’t met in person.

If you suspect a romance scam

  • Stop communicating with the person immediately.
  • Talk to someone you trust, and pay attention if your friends or family say they’re concerned about your new love interest.
  • Do a search for the type of job the person has to see if other people have heard similar stories. For example, you could do a search for “oil rig scammer” or “US Army scammer.” 
  • Do a reverse image search of the person’s profile picture to see if it’s associated with another name or with details that don’t match up – those are signs of a scam.

                      BE AWARE of LOVE SCAMS

If you believe you are involved in a LOVE SCAM report it to the FBI @https://www.ic3.gov/

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