I can NOT stand this AIRPORT! You may ask yourself, Regina, why don't you like this airport?

  • Over crowed, max occupancy
  • Mean & rude passengers
  • Very long taxis to the gates
  • Half the people don't know how to use the moving sidewalk
  • People want to fight each other on the moving sidewalk

Good Things about CLT
  • They have a MAC cosmetics store, Starbucks & Dunkin coffee available.
  • An efficient TSA(*Homeland security)
That's it, to me....   just those two things. 

As a flight attendant, I have flown out of CLT for at least 20 years and it has been through a few transformations.  The last seven years have been the most trying due to the US Airways and American Airlines merger. The traffic increases two-fold combining those two airlines.  That means more air traffic, foot traffic, and all-around craziness.  For crew members, this means fighting to get through spools of people to get ourselves from one gate to another(because our airline loves us so much they like to make us switch airplanes all the time. Airplane swaps-WHOOP, whoop!).


This is the infamous CLT Concourse E moving sidewalk that several people do not know how to use and fighting may ensue on this electronic sidewalk.

Oh, the joys of the CLT moving sidewalk.  Like I have said in my podcast I have got myself into a couple of fights with passengers on the Escalon.  NOT physical fights mind you, the verbal type.  Although one jerk tried to act as if he was going to manhandle me in some way with his posturing, I pulled out my phone to record his punk ass. I have never wanted to beat up those 3 men as I wanted to f*** those dudes up at those times. Needless to say, once I started recording him with my phone he backed off real quick. This may be the most aggressive form of short-term transportation there is.  First of all, it seems that half of us don't know how to use it properly. Let's go over the basic rules, shall we?  NO College degree is needed!

When on the moving side you either STAND ON THE RIGHT...
We get it, you made be tired and need a break from walking, no problem! Just get out of the way so others can use it to pass you on to the left.

Some peeps want to rest from walking, let them while you speed walk on the left to try to make your flight.

What's allowed on the moving sidewalk:
  • YOU
  • Your BAGS
  • Patience & courtesy

What's NOT allowed on the moving sidewalk:
  • Strollers
  • Baggage Carts
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Fighting

It's because of the traffic through Charlotte Douglas international I don't know how to even walk through the airport. I've been through about two or three fights on the Escalon a.k.a. the moving sidewalk. Yes, up to three fights with passengers on the moving sidewalk because the airport is just a cluster f*** filled with people. t can be too much, way too much. It is a major hub for the largest airline in the world American Airlines is going to bring in a crap a lot of people flowing in and out of there. It has always been a pain in my ass but when it was under US Airways that was one thing when you merge a crap load of people flowing in and out of the airport it is going to be hella crazy. They've actually expanded and made it so crazy at the airport and I don't even see airport police.  I used to see Charlotte Douglas airport police which made me feel better. I love some airport police as a flight attendant they are my best friend.  I just don't see them present anymore. 

NEW SPOT! The coffee here is pretty decent, I believe it is locally brewed. Has an adult beverage bar if you wanna get your drink on before a flight.  Don't get too happy in an hour.

CLT has added and extended Concourse D & E.  Concourse D now has a Bojangles, Shake Shack, and Pot Belly Pig whatever it's called at the same shopping area. There's a big bar in the middle of D and that can play also some loud and very obnoxious music. They need to turn the volume down seriously. Strange in the expansion of Concourse E where you can actually find a gamer room.  Why would you put a gamer gamer room in an airport because I know some idiot is going to get on a game, become focused and obsessed and miss their flight. 

Gamer Spot! Why is this in an airport? Really?
A gamer room in an airport? Some of these dummies are addicted to this type of activity and will probably get so caught up in a game or two that they will probably miss their flight.  This is GENIUS(sarcasm if you didn't realize).

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